Large Food & Beverage Company uses Eminent Group and OTM to enhance Services and Profitability

Expense growth and new volume service issues were beginning to put pressure on this large food & beverage industry company.  Lack of operational visibility limited this companies ability to identify and address the causes.  Working with Eminent Group, this company upgraded their OTM system and began to fully leverage the technology to pursue real solutions.

The successful project has allowed this company to better manage fuel costs and spot bid tendering, producing millions of dollars in savings.  Implementing upgraded and best practiced based processes also delivered significant benefits, including smoother international logistics, improved forecasting, quicker order modification and carrier price auditing. This happy company now provides reports that are accurate and are producing better decisions.  Real time data available through quires and dashboards, has give them confidence to expand without fear.

Eminent and this company continue to identify ways to exploit OTM functionality to improve their business.

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