Large Consumer Electronics firm uses Eminent Group and OTM to automate processes and save money

For this large consumer electronics firm, growth was impeded by vintage manual processes that were labor intensive and unresponsive.  Their large and complex transportation rules were limiting decision options, driving costs higher and making new customer acquisition difficult.

With Eminent Group’s leadership and RapidOTM™ solution along with a prefered Supply Chain partner , this customer quickly automated, dramatically shortened and  greatly improved logistics processes.  Costs savings were significant and achieved in 3.5 months.  Real labor savings allowed this firm to redirect resources to pursue new optimized opportunities.  The time to complete regional transportation planning was reduced from over 4 hours to just 45 minutes.  Business decisions improved to real time because of improved KPI reporting.  Twenty manual operating procedures were automated.  Expensive legacy systems were retired months earlier than expected.

This company continues to work the Eminent Group to solve other transportation challenges.

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