Worldwide Freight Management Company Expands Revenue Sources with OTM implementation

Pursuit of new clients revealed dramatic shortcomings in the transportation and logistics systems of this world wide Freight Management company.  These new customers were seeking a solid 3PL and Supply Chain Manager.  They also required compliance with complex industry rules and end-to-end management.

Eminent Group, an Eminent Group Industry Partner, and this Freight Management Company worked together to design and implement a comprehensive OTM system that met all the requirements of  the new clients.  In 2.5 months, this Freight Management Company successfully implemented $72M in annual freight spend.    Automating old manual processes reduced operational costs by 29% in the first year.

Working with Eminent Group, this company is now adding new functions to pursue even more new clients.

Large Food & Beverage Company uses Eminent Group and OTM to enhance Services and Profitability

Expense growth and new volume service issues were beginning to put pressure on this large food & beverage industry company.  Lack of operational visibility limited this companies ability to identify and address the causes.  Working with Eminent Group, this company upgraded their OTM system and began to fully leverage the technology to pursue real solutions.

The successful project has allowed this company to better manage fuel costs and spot bid tendering, producing millions of dollars in savings.  Implementing upgraded and best practiced based processes also delivered significant benefits, including smoother international logistics, improved forecasting, quicker order modification and carrier price auditing.   This happy company now provides reports that are accurate and are producing better decisions.  Real time data available through quires and dashboards, has give them confidence to expand without fear.

Eminent and this company continue to identify ways to exploit OTM functionality to improve their business.  .

50 Year Old Logistics Services Firm upgrades OTM functions and upgrades their service offerings

This successful third party logistics service provider needed to upgrade their existing OTM system to enable achievement of new corporate goals.  New customers were asking for new logistics offerings, greater security provisions, highly complex pricing algorithms, and easier simplified system access.

Working with Eminent Group, a new set of systems requirements were documented and designed into updated processes, methods and algorithms.  Implementation was included with the upgrade to OTM 6.0.  Adding leverage from adopting industry best practices, this 3PL is now adding new more savvy customers at a rate previously impossible.  The project was so successful, this team is working on implementing even more innovation.

Large Consumer Electronics firm uses Eminent Group and OTM to automate processes and save money

For this large consumer electronics firm, growth was impeded by vintage manual processes that were labor intensive and unresponsive.  Their large and complex transportation rules were limiting decision options, driving costs higher and making new customer acquisition difficult.

With Eminent Group’s leadership and RapidOTM™ solution along with a prefered Supply Chain partner , this customer quickly automated, dramatically shortened and  greatly improved logistics processes.  Costs savings were significant and achieved in 3.5 months.  Real labor savings allowed this firm to redirect resources to pursue new optimized opportunities.  The time to complete regional transportation planning was reduced from over 4 hours to just 45 minutes.  Business decisions improved to real time because of improved KPI reporting.  Twenty manual operating procedures were automated.  Expensive legacy systems were retired months earlier than expected.

This company continues to work the Eminent Group to solve other transportation challenges.


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