outsource or in house

The risks of any transportation management implementation

Can’t afford enterprise solutions
Difficult to implement

What you need

Carrier negotiations
Overall Supply Chain costs control
Fuel surcharge management programs
Accessorial management programs
Freight Operations
Executive Dashboard – KPI’s
Continuous Improvement
Import and export operations
Off site hosting options

What to do next? Get an Eminent Audit Review to:

Examine your existing logistics and shipping agreements
Save instantly, improve efficiency and service levels.
Lower the risk of your import and export activities.

The output of this audit is a list of targeted improvement areas to mitigate risk exposure, reduce costs and avoid delays in cross-border transactions. In short:

You control
You save
You dominate

Our team is ready to help your large enterprise realize the benefits of your transportation and/or global trade management decision.

Eminent outsourcing

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