50 Year Old Logistics Services Firm upgrades OTM functions and upgrades their service offerings

This successful third party logistics service provider needed to upgrade their existing OTM system to enable achievement of new corporate goals.  New customers were asking for new logistics offerings, greater security provisions, highly complex pricing algorithms, and easier simplified system access.
Working with Eminent Group, a new set of systems requirements were documented and designed into updated processes, methods and algorithms.  Implementation was included with the upgrade to OTM 6.0.  Adding leverage from adopting industry best practices, this 3PL is now adding new more savvy customers at a rate previously impossible.  The project was so successful, this team is working on implementing even more innovation.

Midsized Food & Beverage Company achieves OTM benefits

Experiencing unprecedented growth, a midsized Food and Beverage company’s processes and workflows were being stressed to the breaking point. Functional leaders were frustrated and decisions were difficult because no single version of the truth existed.  Additionally, labor and transportation costs were out of control and growing disproportionally to revenue.  Profitability projections were a growing concern.

Using Eminent Group’s very own “RapidOTM”  solution and consulting services, this company deployed industry best practice workflows that scaled easily with their growth and helped control growing labor costs.  They exploited key OTM features to design and build a single repository of all transportation related information.  An OTM dashboard gave their leaders a single version of the truth.  ROI was achieved immediately and profitability projections improved greatly.

This company credits Eminent Group’s depth of OTM skill and strong leadership as keys to their achievement of goals and in unlocking all the potential value that OTM can provide.